Mid-Summer Recipe Round-up

Friday, Aug 5 2011 Cooking!

Thus far on La Kitchenette, Jen and I have featured our own custom or modified recipes. However, neither of us spend all of our cooking hours reinventing the wheel. On the contrary, our daily repertoire owes a huge debt to cookbook authors, chefs and culinary bloggers who have developed recipes that need no little or modification. Below are two of my favorites of the summer. Enjoy!

Socca piled with diced potato, poached egg, pan-fried sole, sweet onion and fresh herbs.


The landscape of the Gluten-Free diet is, perhaps, most notably characterized for its lack of bread products. Sure, there are GF bread options, but store-bought tends expensive and often dry, while homemade requires a sizable time commitment and specialized flours arsenal. Both of these have their time and place. But, when the carb cravings fire up, my standard go-to is socca.

Socca is a French flat bread, virtuous for its simplicity, informality and hearty flavor. My friend Teresa first introduced it to me via the recipe below. This one works impeccably as-is. Sometimes I have added crushed garlic or fresh herbs (esp rosemary and thyme) and I have occasionally substituted fava-chickpea flour for a nice change of pace.

Socca pairs beautifully with nearly any savory meal. My favorite is for breakfast, piled with diced potatoes, poached egg, a few greens and fresh herbs. I have also served it with lentil salad, soup, fish, and braised greens.

The Recipe: Homemade Socca by Sarah Britton via Whole Living
A note: Coconut oil works the best to avoid sticking to the pan.


Vacherins with Raspberry Sorbet


On a recent visit to my parent’s, my mother charged me with the task of utilizing the bounty of her highly productive raspberry bushes. A quick internet search yielded this ridiculously fussy dessert. Meringue is something I probably would not have had the patience or gumption to tackle alone but my mother’s culinary intrepidness is infectious. Three hours later, the airy shells baked in the oven, the sorbet chilled in the fridge and we rushed out the door, with juice-stained hands, to a wedding.

This dessert is not for the faint of heart. It takes a while to prepare (overnight actually), the sorbet is cheek-puckeringly sweet, our meringues came out quite large (note to reader: they grow slightly as you cook them), and capping the entire sugary mountain with fruit syrup is, well, ridiculous. But, the cardamom-raspberry combo sings and for a once-a-year type of specialty, it is superb. Also, we did use up a lot of those raspberries.

Dessert Recipe via Epicurious: Vacherins with Raspberry Sorbet and Mixed Berry-Cardamom Sauce
Sorbet Recipe via Saveur: Raspberry Sorbet