la What?

Jenn Armbrust & Jen Wick
Photo: Megan Holmes

So, let’s do this!
Let’s goooo!
La Kitch is your brainchild. I don’t remember when the idea first came to be.
I imagine it was after a several hours long food-related phone call?
I was in NY! We were on the phone one of many late nights. I was broke
and cooking a lot and you were cooking all these healthy foods and my kitchen
was so small and you just bought your house with your tiny kitchen.
So we schemed up a project that was Le Kitchenette.
But we had it spelled wrong, which May thankfully corrected for us.
Thank god, that would be embarrassing.
So originally, it was The bi-coastal culinary adventures of Jen and Jenn.
Remember? Because you were in Portland, foodie mecca, and I was in NY
with all these new tastes and sights and smells. So it was a way to bridge
the distance between us. But, now I am back in Portland (sigh).
Exactly. And it also has evolved to include the lofty concept that food can
hold to the highest standards of both nourishment and really good taste.
Like my kale chips, for example.
The blog was conceived in 2009 and since then, we’ve both experienced
some major game changers, dietarily speaking. So, now it’s about us
nourishing ourselves in new and specific ways and having fun feeding
ourselves with these constraints.
I’m looking forward to having a record of not only our friendship and dialogue
around food, but a reference of our experiments. Since every once in a while
I’m left wondering, “How did Jenn make those gluten-free crepes again?”
Likewise for your coco-choco-almond cookies.
Mostly, what’s so exciting to me is that with this blog we’ve created
a space where we get to play and make and communicate and nourish
and connect and build. And then we get to share it with not just each
other, but with all of our friends and anyone else on the internets who
is excited about what we’re doing. How cool is that?
So cool!
Okay, so let’s do this.
It’s on. Let’s go!

la Who?

Jen Wick
Born Yakima, Washington
Lives In Portland, Oregon
Education The Evergreen State College + Tyler School of Art
Profession Graphic Designer, Business owner
Food Philosophy Currently tends to be along anti-inflammatory, for health reasons. Which for me means eliminating processed foods and greatly limiting starch, dairy and gluten. What I’ve found is that this not only tastes great, but feels amazing. I’m in awe of the abundance of fresh and diverse foods and flavors and the ways to prepare them.

Jenn Armbrust
Born & Raised Olympia, Washington
Lives In Portland, Oregon
Education The Evergreen State College (Critical Theory)
Profession Creative Consultant
Food Philosophy It’s Complicated